School is hard when students start out – whether entering Kindergarten, sixth grade, ninth grade, or graduating and looking towards their futures. Students have to sit at desks, pay attention, cooperate, be nice, and, oh yes – Learn Things. It’s no wonder the state-wide test scores are a concern to school and district administrators.

But sometimes, students manage all these tasks, plus many more, and make it seem and look easy. They achieve academically, are involved in extracurricular activities, have no discipline issues, and are well-regarded by their teachers. SB Magazine is proud to highlight three of these students, Caddo Parish’s Students of the Year for 2023 – 2024.


Bhavik is an 11-year-old student at Eden Gardens Magnet Elementary

who is in the Gifted and Talented Arts programs at school and has had straight A’s his entire life. He plays tennis and soccer, loves art, and is a serious rock collector. Introduced to rocks by his 4th-grade teacher, he has attended the area’s Gem and Mineral Show and has purchased several semi-precious stones, such as rose quartz and amethyst geodes. Bhavik is a chicken wing lover, a reader of fantasy books, a video game player, and a local Orff instrument group member. He is a member of his school’s cross-country team and Lighthouse Club, a leadership organization.

College plans for Bhavik include going to Duke University; he says that the school excels in academics and sports. He wants to be an anesthesiologist like his mom. She has shared several child-based books on the subject, which Bhavik has read and finds very interesting. He is good at soccer and tennis, is a Boy Scout, and loves giving back to his community and respecting nature. His favorite subject is Social Studies; he has had a passion for history and geography since he was young. Math is a close second to Social Studies; he believes that math teaches one “real-world skills.” He doesn’t have a least favorite – he likes all of his school subjects.

To Bhavik, the hardest thing about 5th grade is how organized one has to be: staying prepared and mentally strong. He said that 5th grade “preps you for middle and high school; you can’t have bad habits.” The best thing about 5th grade is the graduation and finale, which includes a field trip and party. He would like to advise younger students to “keep doing what you are doing to be successful. Be organized and prepared; even if you hit a brick wall, you can still achieve if you don’t give up.”

Eighth-grader Luka is a student & at Caddo Middle Magnet

Who is also in the Gifted program at school. While he currently has straight A’s, he admits that he might have gotten three B’s while in the 3rd grade. His favorite subjects are Science and Math; he wants to be an astronomer or astrophysicist. He says that “all our problems can be solved by space. I want to make a major contribution.” He sees himselfas an adult “in a room doing math and science, and figuring out the mysteries of the world and helping the world.” He likes all his other subjects equally. For fun, Luka says, “all academics are fun.” He likes working with Legos, is on the Quiz Bowl for the area, and loves to fence. He is a Boy Scout and will soon be an Eagle Scout. His fellow Scouts have been his best friends since elementary school; he loves hiking and connecting with the outside world.

Luka enjoys reading the classics “Mysterious Island,” “Kim,” and “Animal Farm,” and works by Alexandre Dumas, J. D. Salinger, and Jules Verne. In the classics, they had a different way of thinking.” He plays the French Horn, listens to classical music, and is in the Honor Band. “Music is another way to let emotions out.” The “Star Wars” franchise is his absolute favorite, plus he collects Star Wars Lego action figures.

The hardest thing about 8th grade, Luka feels, is the responsibility. “I suddenly have a lot more responsibility in this grade: becoming more independent, transitioning to High School, and moving toward complete independence.” The easiest thing for him is his friend relationships. “I’ve known them so long we can tell each other anything.” He says that he is good at board games and has even invented one of his own. He said that every night is game night or movie night at his house. He advises younger students: “Don’t just follow dreams but push toward them. If you want to become the best in your field, don’t slack off. Believe in yourself and persevere 150%. Pour your passion into your soul – that’s how you achieve things in life.”


Analyce is a 17-year-old Senior in high school

who not only has career goals firmly in place, but she also has created several local and school-based organizations and fundraisers to benefit her community. After her mother’s successful battle against cancer, Analyce founded a fundraising campaign called “Cupcakes for a Cure,” designed to raise money for access to mammography for women. In October, she baked, decorated, and sold cupcakes to help fund mammogram equipment; from 2020 to 2023, over $5000 was raised for the North Caddo Medical Center for their Mammography Center. Analyce founded the P-7 club in her sophomore year, a faith-based group designed to give students access to Bible devotionals and outreach. She is also on the Student Council, Interact Club, Beta Club, Environmental Club, Yearbook staff, Million Word Club, North Caddo Scholars, Educators Rising, and National Honor Society. She is academically in the Gifted and Talented Arts programs for Music and Drama. Analyce has been involved in Mission projects including Reach Out America, to benefit victims of the Maui fire.

Analyce is looking forward to a career in education; she plans to attend Louisiana State University in Shreveport for her undergraduate and master’s degrees. Her goal is to be an elementary school teacher at North Caddo Elementary/Middle School. A native of Vivian, she loves her community and would love the opportunity to continue serving it as an adult and making a difference in the area. She is an avid reader, loves crawfish and old musicals, and has a passion for music. She has been playing piano since she was six years old, has served as a worship leader and pianist for her church, loves to sing, and enjoys traveling on family vacations. Her favorite subject is English; she loves writing and communicating with others through writing. If she were made to choose a least favorite subject, she would pick “maybe Science?”

The best thing about being a Senior, to Analyce, is being able to be an example for her lower classmates. She is always working on growing her skills. She is not looking forward to leaving the connections she’s made in high school, nor the organizations she’s helped create and been a part of. She has a twin brother who is neck-and-neck in the race with her towards Valedictorian; she calls him her best friend. Her advice to a past self is this: “Trials will be footsteps toward your future success and involvement.” Analyce is centered, optimistic, happy, and looking forward to what the future has in store for her.

The process to become Student of the Year is rigorous. After being nominated by a teacher and selected at the school level, the students must submit essays and educational achievements, undergo interviews, and show themselves as leaders in their grades. Once selected at the district level, the students compete at the state level in hopes of becoming the state-wide Students of the Year. Our best wishes are for these students to achieve this goal in their life-long journeys toward greatness.