Quality Distribution

We don’t put our publication in racks to be rained on or taken to be used as liners for a

birdcage or puppy crate.

We distribute to more places of business – not just retail business but to Hospitals,

Doctors’ Offices, all the hotels including Casinos, Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, Law

Offices, Salons, Dental Offices, Car Dealerships – any place that offers waiting patrons

the opportunity for something to read. We replenish these locations regularly because

readers are taking the magazine home to enjoy. We welcome this.

Quality Readership

The average annual income of our readers is over $100,000. Our reader has the disposable

income to spend on what you are advertising.

Quality Content

More of our readers are at a higher education level. With an appreciation for our editorial

content that includes business news, community events and stories that are of

interest to our diverse population, our readers are loyal and responsive.

Our monthly columns are not only engaging but are relevant to our readers’ daily lives.

The better choice is SB Magazine 

Longer shelf life, an extensive pass-along readership and much better quality.

If you would like to have your place of business added to our distribution list, contact us at 318-221-7264.


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