At SNELL’S ORTHOTICS PROSTHETICS, we believe that the business of providing orthotic and prosthetic care and products to clients can never be regarded as a simple job assignment of supply and demand. While science, technology, and mathematical precision figure largely in the services we provide, the heart of our work is based on humanity rather than science.

What Can I Achieve with a Prosthesis?

Your achievements with a prosthesis depend on your personal goals and needs. For example, a college athlete may require robust, high-performance components, while another individual may prioritize ease of daily activities like housework or grocery shopping. Technological advances, such as microprocessor knees, facilitate an active lifestyle by enhancing mobility and stability.

What Size Prosthesis Do I Need?

Prostheses are not one-size-fits-all; they are custom-made using a mold of your residual limb to ensure a precise fit. As your body changes, such as fluctuations in weight, new molds may be necessary for optimal comfort and functionality. Snell’s fabricates our prosthetic devices on-site, allowing us to add a personal touch to your device. You can personalize your prosthetic socket with designs that reflect your style, whether it’s sports teams, superheroes, or hand-painted flowers, ensuring that your prosthesis is as unique as you are.

How do I know if I need custom orthotic devices instead of over-the-counter ones, such as shoe insoles, knee braces, or AFOs

Custom orthotic devices, such as shoe insoles, knee braces, and ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs), are tailored to your specific needs and anatomy, offering more precise support and correction. If you have persistent pain, specific conditions like plantar fasciitis, knee instability, or foot drop, or if over-the-counter devices haven’t provided relief, it’s worth consulting an orthotist. They can assess your condition and recommend whether custom orthotic devices are necessary for better support and relief.

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