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Atlas Grand Bal XV

Demeter Grande Bal

Justinian Grand Bal XXIX “Purple Reign”

Justinian Grand Bal XXIX "Purple Reign" 

Goodman Gala

Sobek Grande Bal XX – Sobek Travels the World

Krewe of Sobek Grande Bal XX – Sobek Travels the World was held at Shreveport Convention Center. Captain XX Johann A. Cooke, Sr. and Co-Captain XX Virgin L. Rachal introduced their Royal Court with King Sobek XX Daryl Lane and Queen Sobek XX Tamesha Lane reigning over the night. Also presented were the Keepers of Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth. The first Mardi Gras Bal of the season ended with a sparkling fireworks display.

ART & CULTURE – Sarah Harris / Visual Artist with Her Sights on the Big Picture

Some people can tell you almost exactly when they knew, just knew, what it was they were supposed to do with their life. That moment for Sarah Harris was in the 5th grade at South Highlands when she was chosen to design the cover for the 5th grade play playbill. That...

Bossier Chamber 75th Gala

SB Profile – Norman Taylor

BY SCOTT ANDERSONNorman Taylor has learned one important life lesson that has taught him to “go with the flow.” “Life’s not going to stop,” he said. “You’re not going to get a certain time back, so try to do as much as you can with your time.” Taylor does a lot with...

Shreveport Mayor Tom Arceneaux: A New Path Forward

BY ELIZABETH BEARD DEAL“This is not about me. This is about the people of Shreveport you know. We have tonight looked beyond historical barriers and distinctions. We have a new future in the city of Shreveport. It will look different than it has looked in the past and...