BY E. Elise Spoor


Tails are wagging and water is splashing at the Shreveport Dog Park! The park boasts two areas for canine friends to explore: a small dog area and a large dog area. 

The large dog area has a gate that leads into a smaller fenced-in containment and then another gate for entrance into the main area of the park. This type of entrance means you can easily enter the park without worry that your furry friend or someone else’s will get loose on the outside in the shuffle of coming or going.

Shreveport Dog Park

Here are some things to keep in mind when visiting the dog park: 

Plan ahead. Bring water, a drinking dish, and a towel. There are water fountains at the dog park that should be in service soon, but it helps to be prepared with your own. There is a pond on location so you will need a towel if your dog likes to get wet! The towel can also be used at the dog wash area to prepare your dog for leaving the park clean and for getting back into the vehicle. 

Enter slowly. As a respect for others in the park, take care to wait a bit before releasing your dog at the gate. Allow them to greet other dogs slowly, with your keen guidance and observation, while in close proximity to your dog. For the most part things should go smoothly but keep in mind that all dogs are different and, depending on the situation, have the potential to display territorial or aggressive behaviors at any time. This is especially so with intact males and certain breeds, so always watch the body language of your dog to prevent issues. 

Let other dog owners know if your dog is a rescue. No two dogs are the same and no two days have the same dogs at the park. If your canine friend is a rescue, let others know. Many rescue dog owners are working on socialization with people and other dogs to strengthen trust in their dog. It’s always a good thing to advocate for your dog. A growing puppy experiences changes which may warrant some future preventative training action on your part. 

The Shreveport Dog Park is a great way for dogs to get out, explore, exercise, and have a little fun meeting new friends!