Having experience in many business facets, it’s no surprise that musical artist Landon Lloyd Miller, Louisiana-Bred and Texas-Based, began his solo career in 2020. Before that, he was the frontman of The Wall Chargers, a “space western” band loved and well-known in Shreveport. Miller wrote songs for the band while simultaneously being a regional film producer and a coffee roaster. His work experience grows even more impressive when you find out Miller dabbled in winemaking and documentary film production, too.

Miller has several areas of interest, but music has always been his main passion. This passion had Miller focusing on his own work and just like the rest of us found during the pandemic, he had a lot more free time. With that extra time, and businesses being closed, he filmed some performances at The Strand Theatre where he worked at the time. Evan Falbaum, director of Miller’s production company, Moviesauce, helped Miller film. 

“The Strand Theatre is the most inspiring venue I’ve ever set foot in,” Miller says. “Every inch of the place has a memory for me. I remember being a young kid and craning my neck to see the frescos and murals that are painted throughout. The first time I ever saw a true Broadway show was at the Strand: Les Miserables. 

The Strand is a 1,500 capacity venue with crimson red seats and curtains. There is an amazing basement that is below street level. In Louisiana that means that water is running down the interior walls and it’s constantly trying to flood. To prevent that, there are sub-pumps working 24/7 to move the water up to the sewage line on ground-floor. The remains of a pipe organ are still scattered throughout the basement and there is a network of tunnels and hidden chambers.”

With The Strand being so special to Miller, it’s great to have a piece of Shreveport be the backdrop for his music video for his song “Light Shines Through,” one of the songs from his debut album Light Shines Through.

In late 2020, Miller uprooted his work from Louisiana and resettled in the Texas Hill Country that called him back from another time in his life. In the daytime, he was a winemaker and other times, he was a musician doing what he does best. 

Miller’s southern sound is inspired by varying genres, so his American roots music is sure to surprise you, in a fantastic way, of course. Give his album and new music video a listen and a watch! Watch the “Light Shines Through”: