You know it’s that time of year when red outfits suddenly start flying out of department stores and boutiques. This phenomenon started about 20 years ago when the American Heart Association thought it would be beneficial to draw attention to one of women’s greatest health threats – cardiovascular disease. As if we needed an excuse to buy a new dress, they hosted an event called “Go Red for Women.” they successfully addressed the gaps in awareness and clinical care.  

“Go Red for Women” is a luncheon for women who are invited to a delicious meal and fellowship while learning more about heart health, all while wearing red. Consider these facts:

  1. Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year. It’s a third of our mothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and more. It’s a third of the women we can’t bear to live with it.
  2. Cardiovascular disease impacts some women at higher rates than others, but the simple truth is that most cardiovascular diseases can still be prevented with education and healthy lifestyle changes.
  3. Heart disease and stroke can affect a woman at any age, making it vital for all women to understand their personal risk factors and family history. Women can also experience unique life events that can impact their risk, including pregnancy and menopause. Furthermore, research shows that stress may impact health, making it important for women to understand the mind-body connection and how to focus on improving both their physical health and mental well-being. 
  4. Losing even one woman to cardiovascular disease is too many.

The American Heart Association, through its signature initiative, Go Red for Women, is prepared to meet the evolving needs of women now and at every age, every stage, and every season of their lives as their trusted, relevant source for credible, equitable health solutions.

The 2024 Northwest Louisiana Go Red for Women Luncheon is Thursday, February 15, at the Shreveport Convention Center. Mark your calendars and let the shopping begin, ladies.

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