Left to right: Melanie Howell, RPh; Clovis Burch, RPh; David Burch, RPh; Charlie McCartney, RPh, MS

Why is it important that pharmacists offer personalized service to their customers and what are some of the ways you make sure people get personalized service?

A customer wants to be recognized by name and know they are someone whose health we care about. A Medic customer has confidence in their pharmacist that their doctor’s order will be given prompt attention and filled in a timely manner. Our job goes beyond what is on the computer screen. We anticipate a customer’s needs to ensure the experience is as easy and trouble-free as possible. We know our customers and the health conditions they are being treated for and are an active part of a medical team with our customers’ best health in mind, working with the customer and their physician to see that medication is taken as prescribed. We are always just a phone call away. At Medic, customers are individuals with personal and specific needs. We make every effort to make sure customers leave with their prescription knowing special individual attention was given to their individual order and that their total health welfare is our concern.

What should you consider when choosing a pharmacy?

Your pharmacy is an important part in your overall health. Your pharmacy should be able to take care of all your medication needs, and if your medications are all at one pharmacy, the pharmacist can check for interactions and improve safety. Access to the pharmacist and staff by phone or in person is a must. Prescriptions should be filled in minutes not hours. A complete pharmacy can fill routine medications and stock hard-to-find medications. Immunizations and injection services should also be offered.

What is a compounded medication?

Sometimes your doctor needs to treat you with a personalized medication that is not commercially available. A compound is the preparation of a certain medication specific from the doctor to a specific patient. There are many different dosage forms in compounding, from crushing a pill for a liquid or making a capsule to making a topical cream to bypass oral absorption and alleviate side effects. Compounding requires specialized equipment and training.

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