Elizabeth Battarbee Moon is a massage therapist specializing in prenatal and postpartum care. She is also northwest Louisiana’s only homeopath. She graduated from Blue Cliff Massage school in Shreveport in 1996, earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and dance from the University of New Mexico in 2007, and completed the Homeopathic Practitioner Course from the Falkner School for Homeopathy in 2012. She was raised by her father who taught physiology at LSUMC, and from an early age was fascinated by natural medicine and the body’s ability to heal. She has a heart for service and brings this to her practice. She started Dar A Luz services because of her passion for helping mothers, babies, and families. She believes healthy families form the backbone of healthy communities. Elizabeth enjoys hiking, gardening, dancing, and spending time with her husband and family.

What are the Dar A Luz services?

Dar A Luz means “to give birth” or “to give to the light.” These services include specialized prenatal and postpartum massage/gentle bodywork and homeopathy. I put these services together because mothers need special attention, nurturing and comforting support from the time they conceive until their baby is at least three months old. It is a special window of time, and the very natural changes that happen for a woman physically, mentally, and emotionally can cause upheaval in their lives. If she can get qualified compassionate care during this time, it can positively affect her mental and physical health now, and for the rest of her life. It can also benefit the health of her baby, and ripple out to benefit her family. At Flourish, we say “If Mama is happy, everybody is happy.”

Is it safe to get a massage when you are pregnant or have recently had a baby?

Yes. Massage with a trained professional during pregnancy or postpartum is actually quite safe, even beneficial as long as you are low risk. Prenatal massage when given by a trained professional has been proven to improve circulation, decrease stress, regulate hormones, reduce swelling, relieve pain, improve mood, decrease anxiety, and ultimately decrease the chance of premature delivery and obstetrical complications. If you are not low risk, you will need a referral from your health care professional. Postpartum massage helps relieve pain and stress brings the body back into balance after birth. Specific techniques learned for postpartum bodywork help release trauma, heal the body, and can aid in breastfeeding. I also teach self-help techniques, work with babies, and can teach you how to massage your baby. All of my Dar A Luz services are designed to help relax, nurture, and rejuvenate mothers, and involve compassionate listening if you wish to discuss your pregnancy, birth, or postpartum experience.

How can homeopathy help during pregnancy and postpartum?

Homeopathy takes the benefits beyond the office visit. It is a holistic therapy that uses natural remedies to stimulate your body’s physiological responses so that you can be healthy. Massage and active listening can help during and shortly after your session, but some women need additional support. Women in their birthing year are often more vulnerable mentally and emotionally. They may struggle with anxiety, weepiness, or experience an unexplainable range of emotions. They may be physically uncomfortable but unable to take medication for fear of harming their child. Homeopathic care with a trained professional is a safe, gentle, effective solution for women struggling with anything from nausea and vomiting to emotional upheaval. It can also help with labor, birth, postpartum pain, and breastfeeding. There are no known drug interactions or harmful side effects.

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