Larrion Hillman has proven that aggressive representation  and a compassionate understanding of his clients’ needs  are a winning combination.

 “Your job, as a criminal defense attorney, is to protect your client’s  rights, no matter what they are accused of. It matters not how egregious the  accusation.” 

 Those words of my first mentor and boss when I started practicing law  almost 25 years ago resonate with me today. Countless people ask how I  practice criminal defense, and every time, it takes me back to that initial  conversation. 

 “My path to criminal defense took many avenues. I spent five years  prosecuting in the District Attorney’s office, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I later opened my own practice and dabbled in the personal injury field,  domestic work, and estate planning. I later realized that I wanted to return  to criminal law. My time in the DA’s office gives me a better perspective of  both sides of the case, prosecution and defense.’ Larrion said. “Ferreting  out the details, figuring out the why, proving their innocence,  mitigating their actions, and helping clients get back on their feet, these are the things I’m passionate about. I do not feel I  have served my client unless I do everything I can to set them  up for success.” 


Part of what makes The Law Office of Larrion L. Hillman different is the  entire experience. Many people say it is a judgment-free zone, a safe  place, but saying those words and creating that environment  are completely different. From the minute you meet with Larrion and his staff, you know they are there to serve you, to ensure you are comfortable and understand what you are facing. “One thing I learned early on is many people who come to me have never been in this position,” Larrion said. 

People often ask what you do, and my response is criminal defense and only criminal defense. I have a marketing ad that reflects this same message, “Criminal Defense, I’m here for you – It’s ALL I do.’ 

I spend my time focused solely on defending people accused of a crime, spanning from misdemeanor traffic tickets to felony murder. If you or someone you know has a Criminal Law question or is in need of legal representation, do not hesitate to contact The Law Office of Larrion L. Hillman.