Kambrie’s and Joseph’s love story began in middle school at a Riverdale Academy basketball camp when Joseph first laid his eyes on Kambrie… or that’s what she likes to say anyway. It really was love at first sight, for both of them. Joseph came to Riverdale in the 8th grade and from that moment on Kambrie knew she was going to marry him. Joseph, in his middle school ways, would flirt with Kambrie by chasing her, putting her lunchbox in the trash can, putting surprises in her locker, etc. Then finally, at the beginning of their freshmen year, Joseph threw his first touchdown pass as the quarterback of Riverdale’s football team so he was feeling especially confident that evening and asked Kambrie to be his girlfriend. In his exact words, he asked “So you wanna make this official”? From then, it was history… There were many movie nights and even more Buffalo Wild Wings dates. Joseph and Kambrie attended different colleges, Joseph went to Northwestern State University and Kambrie attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. They made sure to make the long-distance relationship work by continuing their Buffalo Wild Wings or Sonic drive-thru dates. After college, they both had a passion for law and decided to attend law school together at the Loyola University New Orleans College of Law. They have dreamed about their wedding day since they were teenagers and their dream day came true… So you see, some things that begin in middle school do last a lifetime!


Band: Big Bling and the Funk Machine, Atlanta, Georgia 

Cake, Brides: Blue Sky Baking Company, Hotchkiss,  Colorado 

Cake, Grooms: Jacque’s Sweet Treats, Montrose,  Colorado 

Ceremony: San Sophia Overlook, Telluride, Colorado

Digital Creator: Follow the Bride, Brooke Wilson,  Denver Colorado 

Florist: Bridal Veil Floral, Telluride, Colorado

Live Ice Carving: Colorado Fruit Design, Grand Junction, Colorado 

Music for Second Line/Cocktail Hour: Brass Animals, Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Photographer: Lisa Marie Wright, Telluride, Colorado 

Reception: The Peaks Resort and Spa, Crystal Room,  Telluride, Colorado 

Wedding Planners: Leslie Campbell Weddings and  Events, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

Trisha Cofield, K2 Event, Co., Telluride, Colorado