Who doesn’t love Rice Krispies® treats? Say hello to easy rice krispies treats with sprinkles! Gooey, marshmallow-y, and ad dicting, these homemade rice cereal treats are simple and fun to make, plus they taste amazing. With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, this is the perfect ‘lepre chaun’ friendly desert! Be sure to save this recipe in your dessert recipe book when you need something quick, cute, and tasty.


̗ Butter (2 sticks or 1 cup): Salted or unsalted will  work. 

̗ Marshmallows (2-20 oz bags of marshmallows,  reserve 2 cups): Mini ones melt easier. If you’re  using large marshmallows, melt on low heat to  avoid unnecessary burning.  

̗ Salt (1 teaspoon kosher salt): Balances out the  sweetness from the marshmallows. If you’re  using salted butter, you can leave the extra salt  out. 

̗ Rice Krispies (8 cups of rice cereal) 

̗ Green Sprinkles (3/4 cup of green St. Patrick’s  Day sprinkles) 


  1. Melt your butter & marshmallows: Melt down  your butter in a large pot. Add in the marsh mallows and cook on medium-low heat until  they are melted.  
  2. Add in your Rice Krispies: Remove marshmal low mixture from heat and add in rice krispie  cereal and mix until they are incorporated.  
  3. Sprinkles + Extra Marshmallows: Allow the  mixture to cool slightly (this will help the ex tra marshmallows and sprinkles from melting  into the batter), and then add the sprinkles  and extra marshmallows.  

4. Mold your Rice Krispie Treats: Line a sheet,  pan, or rectangle cake pan with parchment  paper and spread out the rice krispie mixture  evenly. Top with a bit more sprinkles and cool  until hardened. Remove and cut into squares.