Pancakes for Veterans was held at the American Legion Post 14 on Cross Lake.  It was simply a free breakfast to thank veterans for their service to our country.  There was no agenda and no speakers, just veterans.  There were, however, lots of pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, fruit, coffee and juice, a beautiful view of Cross Lake and room full of Heroes.

  1. Army Major Ret. Ron Chatelain, the Most Decorated Living Veteran in Louisiana with the Distinguished Service Cross, 2 Silver Stars, 2 Bronze V, and 5 Purple Hearts from Vietnam with Ada Duos and Sam Hugh
  2. Kathy Duston with husband, Air Force Major Arthur Duston, F-105 Thunderchief “Thud” pilot in Vietnam.
  3. American Legion Post Chaplain Willie McDonald
  4. Navy Lt. and Marine Corp Battalion Surgeon Dr. Randy Kirchner with Capt. Charles Boyd with the 25th Infantry Division, Navy 2nd Class Quarter Master Donald Andries and Marine Corporal Rodney Murchison
  5. Lois Kimble, Vickie Mericle, and Mary Beth James
  6. Army ES Sargent Lee Anderson and Active Duty E7 M.S. Space Force Pamela Mericle
  7. Retired E8 Airforce Ollie with Ada Duos
  8. (8a – 8c)  Pancakes for Veterans at the American Legion Post 14 on Cross Lake