As the wedding industry constantly evolves with new ideas, it is crucial to stay up to date with the latest trends to ensure your special day is nothing short of extraordinary. From breathtaking venues to jaw-dropping décor and fashion-forward styles, iDo Bridal Expo is here to uncover the top wedding trends that will make your celebration truly unforgettable.

iDo Bridal Expo prides itself on being your one-stop shop for all things bridal, under one roof! iDo Bridal Expo will host the premier bridal expo of the area at the Bossier City Civic Center on October 28th. Check out all the latest trends in person at the expo – and keep reading to ensure your event is the most stylish of the season. Here are the top 3 wedding trends currently. 

  1. Intimate and personalized weddings: With the changing landscape of weddings, more couples are opting for smaller, intimate gatherings that focus on personalization. This trend will likely continue in 2024, with couples focusing on creating meaningful experiences for themselves and their close loved ones. 
  1. Creative wedding venues: Couples are increasingly moving away from traditional wedding venues and seeking out unique places to say their vows. This season, you can expect to see weddings taking place in unusual spaces like art galleries, botanical gardens, rooftops, and even private residences.                                                
  1. Interactive experiences: Modern weddings are all about creating memorable experiences for guests. This season and beyond, couples will likely incorporate interactive elements into their weddings, like live entertainment, photo booths, interactive food stations, or even surprise performances to keep their guests entertained throughout the celebration.

iDo Bridal Expo, October 28th, is a must-do before you say I-do! With over 100 wedding exhibitors, it will unveil the latest and greatest trends in all things wedding! It is the perfect opportunity to find all things wedding related under one roof.