The Shreveport Convention Center buzzed with excitement as the Krewe of Harambee XXIII hosted a vibrant celebration themed around Soul Train at this year’s Saada Maskara Bal. The atmosphere was electric, with attendees immersed in a spectacle that blended dance and performance art. The event, known as the tableau, was a captivating fusion of music and movement, captivating the audience and keeping them on their feet throughout the night.

DJ Love set the stage on fire with a mix of tunes that had the crowd grooving and dancing along. The energy was infectious, spreading from the stage to every corner of the convention center, creating an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

The highlight of the evening was the introduction of the Harambee XXIII court, consisting of esteemed members such as Captain Cynthia Pearson, King Michael Robertson, and Queen Sabrina Wilson. The court also included Chieftains Alex Walton, Richard Hall, and Ka’Davien Baylor, along with High Priestesses Alexandra Stewart, Rosaline Darty, and Golden Ellis. Each member of the court brought their unique presence and charisma to the event, adding to the grandeur of the occasion.

The event was captured in stunning detail by the Krewe of Harambee, with photos showcasing the vibrant colors, intricate costumes, and infectious energy of the evening. It was truly a night to remember, celebrating culture, community, and the spirit of Soul Train.