Do I need a prescription for my orthoses?

Despite some common misconceptions, the answer is yes. Snell’s Orthotics & Prosthetics is a medically accredited facility that requires orthotic prescriptions written by medical doctors. Once you visit your doctor and receive your diagnosis and prescription for a device to provide the necessary correction or support just bring it to our office. We’ll have you evaluated by one of our certified practitioners who will fit you with the best orthosis for your needs, and we’ll follow up in the future, as necessary.

Does my baby need a cranial helmet?

It is normal for a newborn to have an irregular head shape for the first few weeks. However, if your baby’s head continues to have flat areas and/or an asymmetrical shape after the first 3-4 months, talk to your pediatrician to determine if a cranial re-molding helmet might be needed.

If a helmet is prescribed, we at Snell’s O&P will make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. We utilize Orthomerica’s Starscanner® technology to non-invasively capture the precise shape of your baby’s head, which allows us to create a custom-fitted helmet that provides the needed correction. This helmet is typically worn for 4-6 months, with regular scans and adjustments made periodically, as your child progresses.

Can I have a custom graphic applied to my device?

Yes. And what a great way to express your creativity and make a personal statement. Your choices for self-expression are virtually limitless. Choose a design from a piece of fabric or an item of clothing, provide a printed image from a computer scan, or ask us to apply one or more popular stickers available at many stores or online in a wide array of patterns, shapes, shades, and sizes.

We can add your signature design to the prosthetic or custom orthotic by incorporating it into the device. Computer-scanned prints can be turned into stickers and applied directly to the device. Another simple way to make your device unique is by selecting a different overall color. This can be easily achieved in your favorite shade.

Why Choose Snell’s Orthotics & Prosthetics?

Because we truly believe the best patient care comes from the hearts of people who genuinely care for others. We strive to always provide the most appropriate level of technology for each of our patients and deliver outstanding customer service to all.

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