The things men own represent knowledge and skill. Your stuff  should not impress because it has  been purchased, but because it  has been used. Part of being a man is knowing how to exploit very simple  things. Some items below you might have already, and others might be on  your wish list. That collection should  include the following:

A Well-Tailored Suit

As a matter of  both utility and principle, every man  needs at least one suit in his closet.  Make sure the suit is tailored to fit your  body and show off the hard work you’ve  done in the gym (and in the kitchen). For  maximum versatility, go for a neutral  color, like navy, grey, or black. 

A Navy Blazer

There’s a big difference  between re-using the jacket from your  suit and having a dedicated blazer. Blazers  are a distinct piece of attire and are worn  in less formal occasions. Pair it with jeans  and sneakers for a smart casual look or  with a pair of slacks or linen pants for a  handsome semi-formal style. 

A Nice Watch

A watch signals  intentionality, purpose, and of course,  personal style. Opt for one with a  stainless-steel bracelet, and you can  wear it for years with any shoe and belt  combination you please. A watch with a rich leather band is also a worthy choice;  just make sure the color of the leather  works with the rest of your outfit.

A Leather Belt

Another menswear  essential is a simple, versatile leather  belt. Pair with a suit or with your go-to  chinos. Traditional wisdom suggests  that a belt should match your shoes  though today’s style preferences have  thrown caution to the wind and said wear  whatever belt you enjoy. 

A Plain White T-Shirt

In addition  to the button-downs, graphic tees, or  whatever garment you choose, your  wardrobe needs a plain white t-shirt.  Versatile, clean, and stylish, a classic  plain white tee is one of the few essential  pieces of clothing everyone should have.  Whether you like your shirts boxy or slim  fit, find a white shirt that fits your body  size and integrate it into your outfits.

Dress Shoes

For the same reason  you’ll want a good suit, no matter your  profession, a pair of dress shoes is an  essential investment—even if it’s just to  add a touch of flair to date night. If you’re  limiting yourself to just one pair of dress  shoes, something simple and traditional  like an Oxford or a Loafer is a great choice.

A Hoodie

A simple athletic hoodie is  excellent not only for workouts in the brisker months of the year but also as a  refined style item. While menswear tends  to obsess over “basics,” the hoodie is a  genuinely versatile and handsome garment  that deserves a spot in your wardrobe.

A Tie

You might not use it very much, but  a handsome tie — or bow tie if you can  pull it off — is a necessity. You can opt  for the more versatile and very popular  knit tie, or you can go with something  more traditional. Unless it fits into  your personal aesthetic, avoid anything  overtly preppy or Ivy League and go for  something simple: solid colors, stripes,  or patterns that aren’t too busy.

A Quality Pair of Jeans

The timeless  look of a good pair of jeans has meant  that denim is always in style. What started  as workwear has become an indelible  element of modern menswear. While you  can go down the denim rabbit hole and fill  your closet with the finest Japanese raw  denim jeans, at the very least you should  invest in a solid pair of Levi’s. 


A quality pair of leather boots can  tie together just about any cold weather  outfit. Particularly when paired with  the aforementioned denim jeans. When  well-maintained, a pair of boots can last  you years and, depending on your style  preferences, can handle both the city  lifestyle and frequent rugged trails.