We love Halloween at SB Magazine — so much so we decided to compile a list of our favorite spooktacular movies to watch during the season. We’ve got a little bit of everything, from lighthearted fan favorites to more spin chilling flicks. Here are eight films we can’t get enough of for the month of October (or really, any time):

Teen Witch

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Submitted by Brittani LeBlanc, Assistant Editor

We’ll start this list off with a lighthearted favorite — 80s favorite Teen Witch. A true coming of age story, Louise is totally uncool at her high school. When she learns of her powers, she decides to use them to get back at her classmates. But her magic doesn’t end there. She tried to make the quarterback fall in love with her and of course, it backfires.

Practical Magic

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Submitted by Derick Jones, Digital Media Manager

Continuing with our magical trend, this movie has a little bit of everything: suspense, murder, drama, magic and family. It tackles things from abusive relationships to the death of parents. Practical Magic stars Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock, two witches who are taken under the wings of their cooky aunts. After bringing back a dead boyfriend, the two must come together with their family to banish the spirit within.


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Submitted by Lindsay Lafferty, Bookkeeper/Accounting

For clarification, yes, we mean the original. The Halloween franchise as of late has bounced back into pop culture with their new flick (which had the highest grossing opening of all the movies), but we’re taking it back to where it all began. Directed by John Carpenter, this classic slasher movie centers around escaped mental hospital patient, Michael Myers. He returns home to, you guess, find his next victims. It’s a true classic, and we’re excited to see the new film.

The Shining

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Submitted by Devin White, Executive Editor

“Here’s Johnny!” has become synonymous with this movie, and if you’re in the mood to be scared, go ahead and pop in The Shining. Possibly one of Stanley Kubrick’s best films, The Shining follows the story of Jack Torrance who travels to the Overlook Hotel to cure his writer’s block. His wife and son come with him, and from the time they step foot into the hotel, nothing is as it seems.

Hocus Pocus

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Submitted by Ainsley Wilson, Account Executive

If you don’t watch Hocus Pocus during the month of October, are you really Hallo-winning? No. This is the most classic of family favorite movies and if you’ve never seen it, shame on you. Hocus Pocus is all about the Sanderson Sisters who are brought back from the dead — 300 years later. Things are not as they remember, but they fit right in with their 17th century attire. Their mission: to become immortal.


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Submitted by Stephanie Pringle, Senior Account Executive

All you have to do is say his name three times: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. It’s showtime! Another 80s classic, Beetlejuice follows the story of the Maitlands who unexpectedly die and become ghosts of their own home. While they’re coping with being dead, an unusual family moves into their home, posing a threat to their hard work. When things aren’t working out for them they call upon the powers of Beetlejuice to scare the family into moving out of the house.


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Submitted by Vanessa Saul, Account Executive

Another recent remake, we’re revisiting the OG Pennywise. IT is the brainchild of author Stephen King and is absolutely terrifying. The book is even more terrifying. If you aren’t a fan of clowns, don’t even try. IT is a never-ending scream fest about an evil demon that poses as a child-killing clown in 1960. Fast forward 30 years and we’re playing catch up with the kids who came in contact with the clown.

Jeepers Creepers

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Submitted by Karen Randall, Account Executive

“Jeepers creepers, where’d ya get those peepers? Jeepers creepers, where’d ya get those eyes?” Sorry, not sorry — this is one of the scariest movies to ever exist. After a routine trip home from college, a brother/sister duo encounter a totally random person who becomes known as “the Creeper.” According to lore, “the Creeper” awakens every 23rd spring for 23 days to feast on human body parts, which then form parts of its own body. Apparently it seeks its victims out through fear and the lead characters are full of it.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Submitted by Cherie Moss, Sales Director

We had to end this scary movie list with a lighter note — and what better way than with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This 1975 cult classic is one of Tim Curry’s finest. He portrays Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite scientist. When sweethearts Brad and Janet discover his eerie mansion, all innocence is lost. This movie is not just one thing, but many things. It’s a musical. It’s a horror movie. It’s comedy. It’s a piece of totally classic movie history.