Imagine coming home to a community with lakeside views, blooming wildflowers, and winding walking trails that take residents through a neighborhood combining thoughtful architecture for both residential and commercial properties. Welcome to The Grove at Garrett Farm, the latest conventional neighborhood development by Provenance Development, founders of the bordering neighborhood, Provenance in south Shreveport. 

“We sat out to develop Provenance and to create what’s called a traditional neighborhood development. It follows an architectural theory and 25 percent of buyers in the U.S. are traditional neighborhood development buyers. Seventy-five percent are conventional neighborhood buyers,” said Susannah Hodges, broker and director of marketing and sales at Provenance Realty Group. “Provenance is of course its own cool entity but we have people who want larger yards, who want front load entry, who want it gated. However, they still want the amenities that Provenance has such as the walking trails, the green spaces, the architectural control, the HOA, and the ‘wow’ factor. The Grove answers the, ‘oh we love that about Provenance but we want something a little different.’” 

Located near scenic Wallace Lake in south Shreveport, the project broke ground in 2018 and will be complete in 2024. The 78-acre development is a walkable neighborhood that features an outdoor amphitheater, numerous green spaces and a natural pond with a fishing dock. CARBO, a landscape architecture firm located in Baton Rouge, is helping bring the developers’ vision of to life.

“The landscape is very planned and it’s also not as manicured as a lot of places,” Hodges said. “We’re going to incorporate a lot of natural grasses. CARBO has a meadow mix that they use and you get this wild meadow with wildflowers. The Grove should be somewhere people want to get outside and want to connect with each other.”

Lots at The Grove currently are for sale. The approved architects and builders list includes: Jenkins Construction, Vintage Construction Group, Hudco Construction, Cole Builders of Louisiana, MJ Construction, and Extra Touch Builders.

By the numbers:

  • 78 acres • 182 residences planned
  • Square footage 1750-4000
  • 10,000 square feet commercial space
  • 3.5-acre lake 
  • More info:   •   318.683.0399