The wedding is over and you’re ready to begin your new adventure together. It all starts with the honeymoon, right? So you’ve booked the flight and packed your bags — you’re ready for the airport. But what do you wear on the plane? Here’s the deal — the plane ride is likely going to be quite chilly. The key is to wear easy layers. If you start to get hot, you can take off the top layer and still be fine underneath. Anne is wearing a comfy, long sleeved t-shirt with a fuzzy, purple vest by The North Face. Her look is completed by a knit pompom beanie by C.C. Garrett is wearing a plaid flannel underneath this olive green, quilted Patagonia pullover with khaki pants. This couple wins the comfy and cute award for sure!

Models: Anne Brown and Garrett Williams

Location: Shreveport Downtown Airport

This entire look and more can be found at Patton’s located at 6120 Line Ave. in Shreveport.