One hundred years ago, the Woman’s Department Club (WDC) of Shreveport was started with the intent to provide a place for women to learn and grow in the areas of art, education and home enhancement. Today, the club still stands for the same purpose — the empowerment of women for the promotion of educational and artistic growth in Shreveport and surrounding areas.

2019 marks the centennial year for the WDC and to celebrate, the club is hosting A Century of Women Celebration featuring a walk through the ages with guest speakers including Liz Swaine, Liza Di’Sarvino and Maredia Bowdon as well as musical entertainment from Seva May, Gail Odom, Beverly Wimberly and Rocky Maddox. A gathering of 400 guests, the event will bring attendees on a journey through the last hundred years.

Food and beverages will be provided by a number of caterers in the community.

The Celebration of Women will be the single most exciting and important event of the centennial year for the WDC.

“After the centennial, we will concentrate on the centennial garden where people can host a number of different types of events from tea parties to bridal showers,” said member Maggie Malone.

The club is meant to be utilized for all sorts of events and activities and adds to our region’s cultural vitality and quality of life.

“The goal is to provide a place for women of all ages and backgrounds to participate in programs that excite both members and guests as well as to create a space for those members and guests to host events that mark milestones in their lives,” said member Brenda B. Traylor. “We really want to get more young women in the door to show them what the WDC can offer.”

Bridging the gap between the last hundred years and the next hundred years, the Woman’s Department Club continues to bring the empowerment of women to the forefront of our minds.

What: The Woman’s Department Club: 100 Year Anniversary
When: May 18, 6-9 p.m.
Where: 802 Margaret Place, Shreveport, LA 71101
Attire: Era Cocktail Dress