This spring, former Charger, Bronco and LSU Tiger athlete, Jacob Hester opened the widely popular sports training facility D1 right here in Shreveport. “I feel very fortunate to be in the D1 family,” said Hester.

“When D1 approached me about opening a state of the art facility in my hometown it was a absolute no brainer.”

Hester joins the list of world-class athletes partnering with the athletic-based training brand — other athletes include Super Bowl MVP Von Miller.

Along with athletes, each facility is co-owned with medical partners in respective markets; truly integrating sports medicine and therapy with sports training.

Steven Atchison, MD of Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana is co-owner with Jacob Hester for the D1 Shreveport facility. “The D1 concept of teaming with local athletes, trainers and health care professionals has a proven track record,” said Atchison.

“Having the opportunity to team with D1 and offer Shreveport Bossier’s premier athletes, “everyday” athletes and area families access to top notch athletic training in a nationally recognized program like D1, is a real honor.”

SB Magazine had the opportunity to talk with Jacob Hester about opening D1 Shreveport.

Growing up Hester didn’t have a suitable training facility so he and his dad and brothers would improvise. The dedicated family worked with the challenging terrain found in the hills of Louisiana Highway 3132.

“My dad would tie a chain around my waist that had a tire strapped to it while my little brother sat in the tire. We would run up and down the hills and that was our workout believe it or not,” said Hester.

Years later after winning the 2007 BCS Championship with LSU Jacob faced the same problem. To begin training for the NFL Combine, an extensive evaluation designed to test and push NFL prospects to their limit, he and his new wife Katie would have to move to Phoenix, AZ.

“From the moment that experience was over I knew that I wanted to bring a one of a kind facility back to my hometown.”

You can see how Jacob’s personal journey lead him to opening a D1 facility in Shreveport for high school, college and professional athletes. However, he wants to see everyone in Shreveport-Bossier City no matter their athletic ability to come workout with him. “We have a class for every age group,” he said.

“I want everyone from 7-100 years old to be able to say that D1 Shreveport was like nothing they’ve ever experienced.”

Matt Merry is the head strength and speed coach, HSSC, GM. We asked him to break down the unique D1 offerings we may not know about.

Sports Training Complex. D1 Members train like a LSU Tiger in a facility designed with the same standards and amenities as a Division I sports training complex. The main feature is a turf field that provides optimum surface conditions for athletes to train with lower impact on their joints. If athletes aren’t running speed and agility drills on the turf fields then they are in the weight area maximizing their explosive power and strength.
Healthy Prepared Meals. Savoie’s Body Fuel delivers nutrient rich healthy meals to D1 every Monday and Wednesday. It’s only one stop to pick up your meals and workout. Convenient, right? Savoie’s Body Fuel partners with D1 to design special diet plans for professional athletes.
Integrated Sports Medicine and Therapy. Sports related injuries are a major concern in the world of athletes. D1’s on-site rehabilitative, physical therapy office offers the following services to prevent, heal and monitor sports related injuries: Free Injury Screening, Therapeutic Modalities, Manual Therapy, Custom Rehab Programs, Therapeutic Exercises and Athletic Rehabilitation. The Edge Physical Therapy will move in and fulfill that service.
Athletic Development. D1 offers classes at age 7 to create the foundation in coordination and athleticism. Building on training knowledge the Developmental course focuses on progressing athletic movement with introduction of speed mechanics, weight lifting and spotting. Matt Merry explains it by saying we aren’t born knowing how to run or move correctly. It’s clear to see that starting a child off early greatly reduces their risk of injury. D1 Overtime is sport and position specific training for student-athletes of all ages and skill levels. This allows extensive training for a wide range of sports.
Dedication to the Next Level. mirroring a Division 1 collegiate program, D1 Prep is designed to develop strength, power, speed and agility using Olympic lifts and advanced speed dynamics. The student athletes training at D1 all wore their different team shirts but in that moment the rivalries were gone and they were just fellow athletes looking to take it to the next level. D1 Stands for Division I. Out of the NCAA’s three divisions, Division I colleges have massive student bodies, operate with the largest athletics budget and award the most number of scholarships.
Adult Boot Camp. Adults can join as a family or sign up individually for one of the boot camps. Former D1 athletes now working a desk job can find that team environment again. D1-on-1 helps you achieve your personal al fitness goals by providing you with a D1 personal trainer that will develop a program specific to your fitness needs.
College to Combine. Collegiate, professional and those seeking to be recruited the the NFL Combine can prep and train in the best environment. More than 125 athletes, including Jimmy Graham, Peyton Hillis, T.J. Lang and Linval Joseph, have started their NFL careers through D1’s Combine Training Program.

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