Dream Hunt Foundation
3 years ago

Dream Hunt Foundation

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If you’ve ever spent time in a duck blind or a deer stand you’ve no doubt experienced extended periods of time in deep thought. You may have had regrets of getting up so early in the morning in less than desirable conditions or you may have simple sat still and contemplated the meaning of life. Or, like Jeff Warren did one such morning, considered how wonderfully made nature is and that everyone should have the opportunity to experience its beauty. He imagined that a simple walk through the forest, let alone the thrill of hunting or fishing, would be impossible for those with disabilities. It was on that morning, with these thoughts occupying his time, that Jeff felt led by God to work out a plan. A plan that would give deserving young people the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors through organized hunting and fishing trips free of charge to them and their parents. A plan that would make special arrangements to accommodate the particular needs of each child. A plan that was not only safe and enjoyable but would provide a lifetime memory. A Dream Hunt.
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