Ever wondered when is the right time to open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving? Will that special occasion ever show itself? It is a real problem that plagues many wine collectors and avid wine enthusiasts. Sometimes we get so caught up in cellaring wines until they are perfect, that we hold them too long. It’s unfortunate but it does happen. You’ve put the time into holding the bottle and taking care of it but didn’t have a reason to open it. Luckily, someone saw a need and created a global holiday: Open That Bottle Night.

Two Wall Street Journal columnists, Dorthy J.Gaiter and John Brecher, created open That Bottle Night (OTBN) in 2000. They decided there were too many great bottles of wine resting on shelves and in cellars that deserved to be opened and enjoyed. It always falls on the last Saturday in February. This year, it falls on Feb. 24 and it will be the 19th Open That Bottle Night celebrated. It’s a reason to open a special bottle that you’ve been hanging on to. Every year, thousands of bottles are opened around the world in observance of this holiday.

It’s always important to celebrate correctly. I guess it’s as easy as popping a cork on a bottle that’s been hanging around your house. But the real intention of this event is to open a bottle that has some sentimental value and to create that special moment you’ve been looking for. Basically, you are creating your own wine destiny. The most important thing to note about OTBN is that it’s not about opening the most expensive bottle in your collection. It is very much about having a purpose for opening a bottle that has some sentimental value to it. If that one is the one that means the most to you in your library, then grab that corkscrew and get to twirling. Now that you’ve chosen your bottle, how do you celebrate and with who?

Gathering friends and fellow winos for OTBN is a fantastic way to celebrate. Get a group of friends together and have them bring a special bottle or go grab that bottle they’ve been eyeing at their favorite wine shop. Think of it as a wine potluck. Have some food and drink some great wine with others in fellowship and celebration. Where does this gathering need to happen? Really anywhere you would like. Hundreds of wine-centric restaurants around the country celebrate OTBN by waving their corkage fee for the evening. I can confirm that in Shreveport, Wine Country Bistro will be waiving its corkage fee for the evening.

Whether your favorite restaurant is participating or you just want to get a bunch of friends over to your house with their favorite wine, you’ll be in great company around the world. But as always, if you choose to celebrate Feb. 24 at your favorite restaurant, make sure it’s with a special bottle of wine, great company and a ride home.