Everyone has at least one dish they can’t get enough of at Thanksgiving. It’s the menu item that keeps you coming back for seconds, thirds and sometimes even fourths. Perhaps it’s the memories behind the food that makes it so delicious or maybe it’s an old family recipe that’s become a tradition. SB Magazine’s staff shares their favorite Thanksgiving dishes.


Melissa Anthony, account executive

Twice Baked Potatoes with Shrimp
“I look forward to this dish because it reminds me of time with my family which I treasure. Also, because I love all things potato, it’s delish and we’ve had a ton of laughs over my brother eating all the shrimp out of everyone’s potatoes. Ahhh, can’t wait!”


Brittani LeBlanc, assistant editor

Meme’s Rice Dressing
“This Cajun’s favorite holiday dish is hands down my Meme’s rice dressing. I’ll graze on that all day at any gathering, no doubt. C’est bon!”


Laura Hallmark, accounting

Yankee Bread Dressing
“My favorite is my mom’s Yankee bread dressing. I have no idea how she makes it. Since we’ve been in the south for so long and she’s been attending other Thanksgiving meals, she’s grown to like the cornbread dressing better.”


Kris May, account executive

Yam Balls
“These are a great twist on candied yams. They have a combination of the crunchy and gooey textures.”


Stephanie Pringle, senior account executive

Cranberry White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies
“Craving some perfectly delicious festive little cookies? These are so simple to make, but taste like a million bucks.”


Cherie Moss, sales director

7-Layer Salad
“It’s not a traditional Thanksgiving dish but it’s something my mom always serves. It tastes better on day two but it rarely makes it to day two.”


Derick Jones, digital media manager

Pumpkin Crunch Cake
“This is one of my favorite recipes. It’s from my mother-in-law, Dianne Stevens. We made this together the first Thanksgiving I spent with my now spouse, Evan. It’s a mixture of pumpkin, spice and everything nice — aka, all the butter.”


Devin White, executive editor

Green Bean Casserole
“I grew up eating the classic Campbell’s soup version of green bean casserole but since marrying my husband, who is a cook, he has taught me how to make this side dish from scratch. We make the cream of mushroom soup and our own take on French’s onions.”