Retail price: $480-$700

Imagine being able to wear the same frames Harry Potter wore. No need for “Oculus Reparo,” these are ready to wear.

The Round Eye is Savile Row’s most iconic frame and has been worn by dozens of celebrities through the years including Ozzy Osbourne, Johnny Depp, Sean Connery and Harry Potter screen star Daniel Radcliffe. Fun fact: The boy wizard wore over 140 frames during the filming of the series.

The brand itself also boasts the clientele of John Lennon (known most for his iconic tinted lenses) and Queen Elizabeth. All Savile Row frames are made of precious metals, such as gold and rhodium, as well as vintage acetates. 

A little about the brand: Founded by Max Wiseman in 1898, his company acquired German frame factory The Algha Works in 1932 and has been in operation in London ever since. The same machinery is still used to this day. All frames are handmade and can be tailored to your liking.

These specific glasses, including other options by Savile Row, are available through Silverblatt Eye Clinic, 1803 E. 70th St. in Shreveport.