Stephanie Fernandez has been a creative for as long as she can remember. She’s always enjoyed writing, drawing, singing, dancing and more. She has always been into trying new and creative things.

Over 10 years ago, when Myspace was flourishing and Fernandez was a pre-teen, she decided to experiment with her makeup.

“I put some makeup on my face and a few dots around my eyes and posted it on my Myspace profile,” said Fernandez.

While this look wasn’t anywhere near the detailed looks she produces today, someone out there in the world of Myspace responded to her photo with a comment about it being a “cool look,” and her journey began. It was the boost to her self-esteem that she needed at the time.

“Makeup helps me physically manifest thoughts and emotions on myself in such a blunt and mysterious way. It’s so dang awesome.”

Along with makeup, she loves photography, film, music, sewing; whatever she can get her hands on. She explores different medias constantly. 

“I get inspired by human anatomy, animals that fart, guts, dreams, spooks, sugar, strange brains, feminism, love, film, delicious music, mitosis. I can be inspired by anything, really.”

Fernandez has a huge following on social media. At one point, she believes it was her following that influenced her to keep creating so she could have content for her pages — but now creating truly feels like her purpose. It’s more personal for her and it’s something she says she will always continue.

Find Fernandez on Instagram @stephanie_fernandez.