Shae Cacciola has always loved still moments and everything that can be captured in one second in one frame — snapshots, memories, etc. 

“I love capturing things people miss a lot of times,” said Cacciola. “It helps people see themselves differently.”

Cacciola started dabbling in photography in 2010. She’s self taught and learned much of what she knows by researching how to do things online and following photographers whose work she admired. She would look at their work and teach herself how to achieve the things she liked about it.

While the market in this area is flooded according to Cacciola, she enjoys the relationships she’s able to build with clients and likes taking care of stressful things for people at a wedding.

“The greatest compliment is when I hear someone say ‘You made that so easy.’ I’ve had opportunities to pray with a bride prior to her wedding. It’s life changing connecting with people that way,” she said. “The little unexpected moments I get with people to help something be more peaceful or enjoyable is what keeps me going.”

Along with portraits and weddings, Cacciola is a photographer for Waitr.

“Waitr is very picture driven and graphic driven. As soon as a restaurant gets contracted, the photoshoot is scheduled. Heather McKinney and I are responsible for a huge region in this area for Waitr.”

Building client relationships is her favorite part of what she does. Working with them on special projects, making things easier for them and then giving them something at the end of it all that they can cherish for the rest of their lives is special to her.

Two photographers she credits for taking her under their wings are Olivia Lott Beauvais (Olivia Lott Photography) and Carrie Linn Irving (Carrie Linn Photography). 

Cacciola is a part of Shreveport Community Church and North Point Community Church where her faith plays a huge role in her life. She enjoys cycling and lifting weights in her free time. She also still considers photography a hobby and does it in her off time as well because she loves it so much.

“I would love to photograph influential people in the Christian world,” said Cacciola. “I’m open to anyone really — no specific person.”