Sarah Smith has always wielded some type of pen, paintbrush or marker; she’s been creating art since a toddler.

“I would draw on the walls of my home with markers and drive my parents insane,” said the 18-year-old Bossier High School senior. “I have always been interested in drawing people and conveying my emotions through my art is what is most important to me.”

Her preferred medium — watercolor.

“I use heavy symbolism, especially flower meanings,” she said. “I like pastels. They’re really soft. It’s so much prettier to me. Watercolors are easier to manage.”

Smith will graduate in May and plans to attend Louisiana State University in Shreveport where she’ll major in forensics, a slight departure from her 2-D drawings. She’ll be able to use those skills of precision and accuracy once she enters into the program and possibly in the future, return back to her artistic roots.

“I would love to explore pottery one day, if possible,” she said.”

Smith is also co-president of the SADD club, Students Against Destructive Decisions. Her main takeaway as an artist: “If anyone wants to pursue art, they shouldn’t let criticism get them down. Keep doing art if you want to do art. I’ve always liked that message. I’ve always valued that.”

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