Julia Campisi has her sights set on creating digital art for a living.

The senior at Evangel Christian Academy has been perfecting her craft since the sixth grade and is ready to take on the real world — one pixel at a time.

“I would prefer storyboarding, but I would love to have a job that involves just drawing what I love so that it doesn’t feel like a job,” she said. “I just want to do what I love every day and get paid for it.”

With an online portfolio, YouTube channel and Vimeo, she’s well on her way. The 17-year-old plans to attend college in New York City at the School of Visual Arts. She recently earned a merit scholarship called the Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship for $50,000 to go toward her art studies.

If you do look her up online, you’ll see she’s ditched Julia and goes by the pseudonym Jam Campasta, a play on her last name.

“Often times when you create an online account, you pick a username. I used a fun name that me and a friend came up with,” she said. “Campisi is Italian, so pasta. I started using that for all my art accounts. It’s just a fun little nickname.”

Julia also plays the guitar (she and a friend are attempting to start a band), loves to write, plays the clarinet and plays Dungeons and Dragons. She’s also a part of her school’s marching band where she is a drum major.

You can find more of Julia’s work online at jc-artcontact.wixsite.com/portfolio.

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