Next week Jotavus Jones will celebrate his 18th birthday. While it may be a milestone — he can vote, open a bank account and get a tattoo — his main focus is what’s happening in the fall. The Captain Shreve High School senior will attend Louisiana Tech University in Ruston for physical therapy and psychology.

Until then, there’s still graduation and he’s just trying to keep his interest on what’s driving him now: art.

“I didn’t really think about art like this at first, I just sort of did it for fun when I was bored. Then I took art in middle school and it made me want to do it more and work on more intense projects like this,” he said, signaling to a flame he’d drawn in pencil.

Jotavus loves art and while he doesn’t see himself taking it on as a career, it’s definitely something he wants to keep pursuing. “I want to learn how to draw people,” he said. “I love drawing animals. I’m the best at doing that, especially dogs and cats.”

When he’s not drawing in his sketch book or producing over the top pieces, Jotavus spends his time working at Air U Trampoline Park. He also works out four days a week and loves playing video games such as Fortnite. Currently he’s teaching himself to play guitar via YouTube.

“I used to do art for fun but now it’s more calming, kind of therapeutic,” he said. “I use that to clear my head and think, especially with music playing. I love listening to all types of music. I listen to rap the most.”