Jinge Xu has been creating art since she was a little girl living in China.

The 18-year-old is a foreign exchange student at Evangel Christian Academy and has been in the Shreveport-Bossier City area for nearly two years. She said her earliest memories of doodling go back to elementary school, and it’s something she’s held on to ever since.

“I knew in secondary school I wanted to go to art college,” she said. “I was able to attend a professional studio to study art for about two months (while in China).”

She said that even though she’s an exchange student, she believes she’ll study in America. She didn’t want to drop any names, but she’s gotten a few offers from area schools, she just hasn’t decided yet.

“It’s a big decision,” she said.

While Xu may use pen and paper as her main medium, she’s created a number of digital pieces. That’s where her true passion lies.

“I like to learn about 3-D things,” she said when asked what her typical weekend consists of. “It’s all about art. That’s what I love to do.”