Javier Garcia loves working with colored pencil, but his newest fascination is working with oil-based paint.

“It’s tricky,” he said while laughing. “It’s all experimentation at this point.”

The 17-year-old Airline High School senior has a love for the arts — specifically 2-D. He said he loves the process of creating, and while he hasn’t been at it as long as some others have, he’s moving in a direction that’s preparing him to use his talent.

“I’ve taken classes. I’ve learned at school. I’ve put the money in and the effort. I don’t want this to diminish,” he said, following up with that he’ll be attending Northwestern State University in Natchitoches as a biology major. His plan is to attend medical school and one day become a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Much like the medical field, he said it’s the process that intrigues him most when it comes to his art. “Sometimes it’s a struggle to get the look you want, but the end result is always the best,” he said. “You think ‘all of these steps are going to be so hard to get a simple picture,’ but once I start manifesting the skills and putting the time in, it’s not really all these steps — it’s actually pretty simple.”

Javier is also a member of high school band where he has played the flute for about four years. He is originally from Nevada and moved to Louisiana in 2008.