Meet Dulce Suares, an 18-year-old artist who excels at nearly everything they touch.

“I wasn’t always artistic,” they said. “I always wanted to do photography, but I grew up very poor. We could never afford a cool camera, but I always loved how people could draw what they see.”

And that’s exactly what they do; Dulce spends the majority of their time drawing from life and creating art.

“I had a friend pose with a trumpet just so I could get the fingers right,” they said, signaling to one of their pieces using magazine pages. “Over the years I learned how to capture things with my eyes and create it with my hands.”

Dulce is a part of the Talented Arts Program for art and for a number of years was involved in robotics club. They plan to attend college in the fall with their sights set on Texas State University in San Marcos. Dulce wants to dive into graphic design.

“I want to keep pursuing creative art in my free time,” they said.

Dulce said they’ve been creating art as long as they can remember. One of their most recent achievements is a string art piece.

“It was a group project to capture movement and show it,” they said. “This one took a lot of time. I almost gave up on it. Before the string, it was just nails. It was hard to imagine it.”

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