Cecilia Shahrdar, 17 years old is no stranger to the theater scene in Shreveport.  She has made a name for herself, and hopes to someday make it on Broadway!   She will be attending College in the Fall at Auburn University, where her major will be Fine Arts in Musical Theatre.

Cecilia has come a long way from her first performance at eight years old singing Christmas songs at the Glen Retirement Home.  Her favorite performance was Sophie in Mamma Mia at Shreveport Little Theatre because she got to play a character who was at a  point in her life where she was finding who she was and she felt as if she was at that stage in her life right now.  Cecilia says “ I was able to relate to her very much. I also got to listen to great music, and I formed relationships with people in the cast that I will cherish forever.”

Cecilia cannot wait to tell her future professors that the Shreveport theatre community in is very large. She says “There are so many opportunities for young artists and for people in the community to get involved in, and that each theatre in the area is different, so there are so many chances for people to grow within theatre in the area.