Over the course of the next few weeks, Bryan Bradley’s life will change forever.

Other than celebrating his 18th birthday on April 20, the Southwood High School senior will graduate in a little over a month and then two weeks later, he’s off to the Army.

“I really wanted to travel and explore, and I feel like the military could be the best route,” he said. “I can handle the military life.”

Combined with his love of technology, he sees this as the perfect fit. Bradley is driven by creative technology, something he found a love of as a freshman. He joined the Environmental And Spatial Technology (EAST) self-directed course and that year created a wind generator from an old bicycle, a broken ceiling fan, PVC pipe and earth magnets. While he may not be an artist in the traditional sense, he is an inventor — a true creative.

“Our teacher (Lloyd Rushing) always says, ‘What’s a problem in the world? What can we do about it?’” said Bradley.

Other projects he’s created include a locking mechanism built with a Raspberry Pi, bar code reader and electromagnetic lock. The lock is specifically for EAST equipment and uses the barcodes on student IDs for access.

“I don’t think anyone’s done stuff like that at my school,” he said. “I don’t even think my principal knows about it.”

Bradley has represented Southwood at the annual EAST Conference all four years of high school and hopes that with some of the projects he’s worked on, his high school is able to implement some (like the barcode reader) when he’s gone.