World traveler? Alondra Torres can check that off her list.

At just 17 years old, she’s lived in Japan, Puerto Rico and England. She’s traveled to Greece, Turkey and even spent her birthday at Disneyland in Paris. With her father in the military, she’s been able to soak up culture from around the world and use it in her art.

“You could say my art is inspired by my travels,” she said, signaling to her first-place piece on display at the East Bank Gallery. It’s of seemingly a woman, but her entire face is a mouth with eyes on her tongue and sharp teeth. It’s reminiscent of Marvel character Venom and is almost grotesque.

“I love the character creating process,” she said. Her main medium is watercolor and she’s chosen a more illustrative approach, almost like digital art.

“These are personifications of the periodic table — cadmium, nitrogen.” Pointing to a collection of watercolor witches she’s drawn, Alondra says she loves her creatures, “monsters” as she put it.

Every piece she creates is more than meets the eye, but her art, for now, is just a stepping stone. Her plan is to get a degree in cellular biology and eventually become a pathologist. In the fall she’ll go to Louisiana State University in Shreveport.

When she’s not studying or drawing, Alondra can be found practicing taekwondo (she’s a green belt).

You can follow her on Instagram to see more of her art for sale: @skullitarts.

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