John C. Wagoner was born in Nashville, but moved around quite a bit while he was growing up due to his father’s job. He’s lived everywhere from Virginia to Indiana to Iowa where he attended Cornell College in Mount Vernon. He began working for Sanders Museum Services where he learned to install artifacts by making intricate mount systems used throughout museums. He attended grad school at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Mich. because he knew he wanted to go into teaching.

John C. wagoner Made Out of Paint

At one point, he was down here in Shreveport visiting his parents and stumbled upon an adjunct position at Bossier Parish Community College and, in John’s words, “it just kinda stuck.” He is currently an assistant professor of various art courses such as Art History, Introduction to Visual Arts and several studio art courses (painting, drawing, 3-D design and ceramics). He’s quite the

John has always been very hands-on. Since he was a kid, he’s loved carpentry and just generally learning how things work.

So what is it that John specializes in for his personal pieces? He creates 3-D pieces out of acrylic paint. Yes, you read that right. His pieces are actual three-dimensional objects made entirely out of paint, hence his “Made Out of Paint” title.

“The idea kind of came from my undergraduate show. I used to take objects and paint on top of them so it looked like they were painted,” said John. “I’ve always liked the ‘trickery’ or manipulation of paint.”

As he was making these objects covered with paint at Cornell College, he continued the idea when he moved on to grad school. He said that working in museums and realizing that the artifacts weren’t actually all real and that they were made of painted plaster, showed him there was a substitution there. They were basically substituting things and painting them to look like the real thing.

“I realized that the paint was more important than the
objects themselves.”

When asked if he has any sort of words that he lives by, his response was “Any job, big or small; do it right, or not at all.” Wise words from this art intellect with answers for all his friends’ “art questions.”

Readers can find his artwork on his website at Also, the Bossier Arts Council (Wine, Art & Music) has his work on display in Boomtown Casino’s 1800 Prime Steakhouse until July 31.