Jaylon Lewis has loved fashion for his entire life. As soon as he was old enough to work, he headed to the mall and began a retail job. Interacting with customers and helping them choose which pieces made them feel their very best was (and still is) what gave him the most joy when it came to work.

He found his focus straying from fashion when he began his college career at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches where he has already earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration and is now pursuing his master’s in student affairs (higher education). He is extremely active in school as he is a graduate assistant within the Department of Student Life, vice president of the Student Activities Board and is a part of the Insider Club, which is a freshman open house.

In June 2017, Jaylon accepted a meeting with LaTasha Henderson-Robinson of fashion brand VonRay Designs.

“She was looking for a stylist assistant for a showcase that she was holding at Artipsy,” said Jaylon. “After the meeting, she pulled me aside and she said, ‘something about your spirit draws me toward you.’ We’ve stayed in touch ever since.”

After last summer, Jaylon’s styling opportunities skyrocketed. Through VonRay Designs, he was able to style Dutchess of Black Ink Crew for a celebrity basketball game.

“I remember going to her hotel room where she showed me what she had with her which wasn’t much. I went shopping for her at Krush Boutique and was able to pull it all together for her.”

Upon contacting Jaylon for a styling job, a client can expect a fairly specific process from him. First, he’ll check out the client’s social media accounts to give him an idea of who they are and what they normally wear. He’ll set up a consultation to talk with them about the event they’re attending and what ideas they have in mind. Finally, he heads out to his favorite stores to find different looks for them. He sometimes tries to push the envelope and put them in something they aren’t completely used to in order to show them they can expand their wardrobe.

Jaylon’s signature look can be described as clean cut and dapper with a slight edge to it. He loves having one statement piece that stands out in his outfit. He usually finds his favorite funky pieces at ASOS and his classic basics at H&M.

This finely dressed young man isn’t stopping any time soon. He plans to continue his career in fashion as long as possible and aspires to one-day dress clients for the red carpet. His dream clients include Janelle Monae, Tiffany Haddish, Kofi Siriboe and Michael B. Jordan, among others.

Keep an eye out, and you just might see Jaylon Lewis strutting his stuff on the pre-show red carpet at the Grammy Awards.