Photography is in French’s blood. She was raised watching her father photograph brides she saw as princesses as a little girl. She learned from him throughout the years and eventually acted as an apprentice for his photography business, Brightwell Photography. But French planned to go to medical school and become a doctor rather than follow in the footsteps of her father. The pull to photography was too strong, however, and starting out with her late dad’s equipment, she began a career influenced by her hero.

Ivy B Photography offers services ranging from bridal sessions and weddings to seniors and family sessions. She does commercial work and lifestyle sessions as well. 

The best part of her job is building client relationships. French loves to talk and enjoys getting to know her clients and photographing them during life’s milestones. When stress levels rise, her clients keep her going. 

“I love seeing clients each year and seeing their growth,” said French. “I also love to see my clients’ confidence rise during image reveals. The joy on their faces gets me every time.”

The most memorable job she’s ever had was with a sweet family who were previous clients. The lady called her and told her that her mother had cancer and didn’t have much time left. The whole family was coming into town and hoping for a big family session with French to document their relationships one last time. Even through cancer and all she was dealing with, she was the most joyful, sweet and welcoming client for French. 

“At the end of their session I just prayed with them and I still think about them to this day even though this was a couple of years ago. She’s with Jesus now, but she will always be in my mind as someone I’d like to be like.”

Balancing mom life and work life can be tricky, but French said the key for her is to separate work from her personal life.

“Moms are beyond special. I’m really learning that. It’s the hardest job but the most rewarding, too.”

French said her husband is a champ. He balances her out and backs her up in all aspects of life. He helps to remind her not to work 24/7— to take breaks and be present at home. She has never been more present in her life.