Isabella Fowler’s parents knew that she was meant to perform from the very beginning. Since she was old enough to speak she was singing, dancing and putting on her own made up shows. At just six years old, she told her parents that she was going to have a show on Disney Channel.

Isabella, now 11 years old, began performing the in the local theater community at age eight. She started earning featured and lead roles at around age nine and winning television acting and modeling showcases.

She appears in the film, Famous Little Girls as young Coco Chanel where she won four IMDb recognized best supporting actress awards from film festivals all over the world. She also appears in Annny Minute Now (television series), Soci Circle (television series) and a Nickelodeon pilot that she can’t release details on quite yet.

Isabella works with Gray Acting Studio six hours a week in scene study and auditioning techniques, takes voice lessons with Claire Hosterman and takes hip hop lessons at Millennium Dance Studio.

Along with acting, singing and modeling, Isabella enjoys equestrian horseback riding, soccer, softball, cheerleading, YouTube, writing and playing ukulele.

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