Cayla Flynn takes her art to a whole new level. This unique style of embroidery deems her a fiber artist. She became interested in creating personal pieces when she wanted to decorate her room. She would create works with lyrics to adorn her walls by using her grandmother’s cross-stitching supplies.

“Like with anything new, I wasn’t good at first,” said Flynn. “ I have an old piece that I keep just to remind myself how far I’ve come.”

Flynn began doing pieces for friends who requested her work and she experimented with different subjects. Landscapes and pet portraits became her favorites.

“I have a crazy little fluff ball kitty named Sylvia,” said Flynn. “My cat was the first portrait I ever did and it wasn’t great. I want to do it again to see my progress.”

Those interested in commissioning work from Flynn can simply email her at [email protected] to start the process. She’ll ask you to send a few different photos of your pet so that she can get an idea of their personality. Her goal is always to capture your pet in their truest form. She wants the portraits to reflect their personalities. After receiving photos, she will sketch out the portrait and send it to the client for approval. Once she gets the green light from her client, Flynn starts the process of bringing it to life. It usually takes up to two weeks for her to complete the piece.

Flynn is completely self-taught — so much so that when she started, she didn’t even know there was a name for what she was doing or actual techniques. When she realized she wasn’t the only person interested in it, she began to watch video tutorials to improve her technique.

“I literally stumbled upon this passion and I didn’t even know it was a thing.”

Flynn works full time for the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) as a behavioral therapist. She’s extremely passionate about her work and plans to continue through this career path as her main focus. Her career lies with CARD and embroidery comes second. If she’s not at work, she’s working on embroidery.

“I would like to be noticed for my art,” said Flynn. “I’d love to have art shows and get into a museum some day.”

Follow Cayla Flynn on Instagram at @Cayla.Flynn and Facebook at Cayla Flynn EmbroideryFynn’s work is available for sale at The Agora Borealis in Shreveport.