A northwest Louisiana native, Carol Hines stems from Minden and currently resides in Shreveport. Carol decided to attend cosmetology school after dabbling in graphic design and special education studies in college. She would often get requests for hair and makeup from brides and homecoming-goers and discovered that she really enjoyed it.

“I much rather do someone else’s makeup than my own,” said Carol.

In 2007, she walked up to a well-known cosmetics counter to make a purchase and was hired on the spot. She’s celebrating her 10-year anniversary with that same company this year.

Carol gets joy from being able to create looks for people from high school all the way up to their wedding day.

“It’s great to be able to take part in all the special events and milestones in my clients’ lives,” said Carol. “I get to see them grow up throughout my years of working with them and that is so special to me.”

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Carol isn’t necessarily interested in celebrity makeup artistry. She loves working with “regular people” to help them feel great about themselves. Her favorite is wedding day makeup.

Three tools or products in her kit that she can’t be without? Great brushes, skin care (day and night) and an eye shadow palette with a variety of colors.

“You can do a lot with eye shadow in a pinch — brows, eyes, blush, contour, highlight and more.”

The number one rule she gives her clients is to take care of their skin. Skin care is the most important part of your beauty routine, according to Carol, because it’s the foundation of everything. If you’re taking care of your skin, what you put on top of it will only enhance it.

Carol gets inspiration from everywhere — clothing, accessories, color tones, etc. The first thing she asks a client is “What does your outfit look like?” She also loves turning a look you see on the runway into something you can wear every day.

She loves the creativity behind creating makeup looks but most of all she loves the way it makes people feel. The confidence boost it gives her clients is what really keeps her passion for it going.

“I want to make my clients look like a more glamorous version of themselves, not someone else completely. Makeup should enhance the beauty we already have.”