How did you get your start in real estate?

Seaside Capital brought me into real estate in 2008. The members of Seaside were amazing mentors in the industry and gave me the opportunity to manage renovations and new construction at Fairfield Crossing Condominiums — a 56-unit project in Shreveport; the project lasted six years and gave me an incredible education and opportunity to learn so much about this career that I love. Since those days, I have both managed renovation projects for myself and hired as a renovation consultant for clients, which is some of the most rewarding work I’ve done.

How long has your company been in business?

Rachel & Company opened January 2017.

What marketing strategies do you use to help sell a listing?

Professional photography is a must. Jennifer McGuire at SBC Real Estate Photos is my go-to for listing photographs. Last year I hired a social media manager who serves to market each of our listings to our target audiences in personalized campaigns.Staging is something we recommend for client spaces — especially in newly renovated/vacant homes. Faith Green has done amazing staging work for us. Each home is unique and so our approach may vary depending on the space itself and the goals of our seller. At the end of the day, it is our job to get the most money for our sellers — so that’s the goal in mind for each listing we take.

What tech do you use? How has tech changed the real estate industry?

Today’s home buyers and home sellers are increasingly tech savvy and they’re doing their research! Real estate tech — particularly real estate apps like the REALTOR(r) and Zillow apps — have made consumers very aware of what’s out there and who is out there. Sometimes we meet buyer clients who already have their dream home picked out. And many seller clients have found us through one of these apps and they hire us because they’ve read how happy our past clients have been with our services.

What sets your team apart from other real estate agents?

My team is amazing because they believe in a client-focused experience. This experience extends from contract negotiations to closing and beyond; their dedication to meeting the needs of our clients doesn’t end at the closing table. My team is also dedicated to helping each other — whether it be helping with client showings or hosting open houses, you’d be hard pressed to find a more selfless group and I’m so honored to work with each of them.

What’s your favorite non-profit?

My favorite non-profits include Renee’s Run, a foundation set up in memory of Renee’ Rogers and benefiting the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network; and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation — an organization dedicated to finding cures for children with cancer Both of these not-for-profit foundations are especially important to me because of the direct impact they have had in the lives of my clients. ​

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