Poetic X

Spoken Word Artist

Cover photo: Poetic X Facebook Page

_MG_7188[dropcap]S[/dropcap]poken word artist, Poetic X, developed his passion for poetry and spoken word after an assignment he completed for his high school English class. Years later, what began as an interest has now become a career—a lifestyle even—that runs deeper than the words with a rhyme scheme.

“Spoken word to me is bringing forth a deeper visual than what the written component of poetry can,” said X. “It’s more emotional. More emotions are expressed during spoken word. There’s more practice and structure in performing spoken word than in writing poetry.”

X, who performs at various venues of different crowds from toddlers to seniors, has made the art form a lifestyle, gaining daily inspiration from his life experiences and conversations —heartache, pain, struggles, his outside studies in history, medicine and law and even grandmothers, whom he says have stories that are lost in time.

The ‘X’ in his name even represents the most basic experience that we all face — that of wanting to know the unknown. It represents the missing entity that we all are searching to become familiar with in spirituality and life in general. What is known, though, is that X excels at what he does.

IMG_26638692110867With multiple awards under his belt including Poet Laureate of the Louisiana Film Prize, he performs all over the nation. This month, he will perform in Atlanta and will publish a book and release another CD (PoeticX10 and Open Letter to America, respectively) later this year. His persistence in staying active in producing work is one of his sole pieces of advice for young artists.

“Create product,” X said. “Have a tangible product. Coca-Cola doesn’t leave without pops on the truck. Doritos doesn’t leave without chips on the truck, so poets shouldn’t leave without the product.”

To learn more about Poetic X, go to www.Poeticxspeaks.com


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