When I sit down with a couple to plan a honeymoon, one of the first things we talk about is destination. It’s about a 50/50 split on the couples that are decided and undecided. When they are unsure, I ask for their top 3 list. What’s their dream destination or somewhere they’ve recently considered going? We talk about where they have been and what they did and didn’t like about any of their previous vacations. When deciding on your destination, I recommend taking a few things into consideration such as: how active or relaxed of an atmosphere you prefer, and key activities you’d like to enjoy. If you get bored laying by a pool or at the beach all day, then you probably need something with a little more activity. If you are someone who prefers to recharge with some yoga or in nature then a resort with a predominantly party atmosphere, might not be right for you. Don’t choose a destination based on where friends and family have been or think you should go. Talk to your partner and decide what’s right for both of you and the season you are traveling in. The dates and duration of a honeymoon plays is a big factor into budget and may decide where you go and for how long. Keep a realistic budget in mind.

Most couples have spent the last few months being pulled in many directions. This is a time for you to recharge as a couple and individually.  I recommend honeymooners not plan on leaving early in the morning following their big day. Often times this can cause missed flights, lost or forgotten items, and unneeded stress. Stay close to your venue at a B&B, hotel, or even the home you will share for an extra day, or even leaving late in the day following wedding day. If you plan on driving for any part of your travels, pack a spare key in a separate carry on. Avoid adding too much to your trip. Leave time to relax and sleep in, enjoy just being with your new spouse. If you need something last minute, there’s usually a concierge or your travel agent that could make a recommendation for something available that day. 

Ask your travel advisor about their experience with your destination. Travel advisors network, so if they have not been there recently, they’ll find a professional who has and get an unbiased update for you. I have never met a honeymoon or anniversary couple that doesn’t appreciate the right amount of great customer service! Newlyweds have spent months planning and arranging things for their big day, and most want to take a break from the pressure, demands, and questions that come with wedding planning. Remember, ‘you get what you pay for’. Great deals you saw online might not be so great when you are constantly fixing things, getting unexpected bills, or being walked to another hotel. Travel Advisors work with preferred brands and vetted companies that we know will treat our clients with the same care we do, and help us keep that client for life. Because of this, we have access to added perks and amenities often only available to advisors. These will usually exceed the discount online booking seemed to save. Coming back to doing your research as a traveler. Watch your upfront and for added costs at time of payment. Note what fees or taxes may be due upon arrival or check-out.

Travel Insurance. Travel Insurance. Travel Insurance. I cannot say it enough! Most honeymoons are planned about a year in advance and couples spend the money on them to have a treasured and memorable experience. A death in the family, jobs changes, or even when mother nature decides to interfere, my company thoroughly vets Travel Insurance providers and puts the client in touch with a rep when they have insurance questions or needs. Know what your health insurance covers while traveling inside and outside the US. A medical emergency or evacuation in a foreign country can result in bills from $100,000 plus. It’s not worth the risk!

Lastly, don’t be afraid to tell your travel advisor you don’t like the idea of something, especially before cancellation deadlines approach. Your travel advisor is planning this honeymoon for you and your significant, not themselves. If it’s not your cup of tea, speak up, they won’t be offended. I can assure you they do not want to send you on a honeymoon you will be disappointed in because it’s not truly what you were looking for. Miscommunication or misinterpretation does happen, we are only human. Give your travel advisor the opportunity to fix or make changes that do make you and your person happy.