Q: You owned Knox Goodman’s Boutique in Shreveport for decades and retired in 2015. But you haven’t really retired, have you?
A: It was a very emotional time for me because I had fun doing it… When Jennifer Frierson (owner of Imelda’s) called me, she said ‘I need you as a worker bee, a consultant and to bring in some of the lines that you had.’ So that’s what I’ve done. I work only in the afternoon unless we’re having a trunk show and then I work all day through the trunk shows. 

Q: How did you end up in the fashion business?
A: I was on the alumni board at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA. When I was there, a number of young ladies were selling Gay Boyer jewelry and it was, at that time, called Travelling Trinkets. I came home from that meeting and I told my husband that I thought I’d like to sell her jewelry. He asked where? And I said well I guess my house. He said as long as it’s not real estate or insurance. So, he loaned me $500 and I wrote Gay and told her I thought I might be a good representative of her jewelry in Shreveport.

Q: So you started by selling jewelry in your home and then ventured into clothing?
A: Sally House owned the Canterbury Shop on Line Avenue so I rented 500 feet in the back. It was called Gay Boyer’s Travelling Trinkets. About 1982, I changed it to Knox Goodman’s Boutique. Then in 1992, I needed a different space because Sally wanted to sell the building and I wasn’t interested. Dee Gamble had a shop on Azalea and she asked me if I wanted to rent part of that shop, which I did. Then I put Knox Goodman’s on the pink door and started a wider variety of clothes.

Q: What key items should every woman have in her wardrobe?
A: Black slacks, black skirt, black dress. And bling. It’s so important to have accessories.

Q: What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?
A: Wear shoulder pads. Now, I don’t mean the shoulder pads of the 70s but I’m talking about normal ones. They’re not overdone. The older we are, the more erect we need to be. Also, if you have a large chest, it takes away from that. It gives you a better look. A lot of people say that’s just not ‘in’ anymore. It’s not a case of it being ‘in.’ It’s a case of looking more erect. 

Q: How do you define good style?
A: Classic. And it can be fun. You can add some zip and pizzazz and still have good style. The one thing I will say, if you’re my age or even a little younger and your dressed in a beautiful short dress, get some pantyhose. It just makes your legs look better. You don’t have to wear them when you’re young, tan and firm, but the older we get, it just makes them look nicer. And don’t get pantyhose that are orange or reddish in color.