Willis-Knighton’s John C. McDonald Regional Transplant Center

Dr. Zibari is passionate about his roles as the director of the John C. McDonald Regional Transplant Center and director of the Willis Knighton Advanced Surgery Center. 

A native of Kurdistan, he took refuge in the U.S. in 1976. He graduated from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) College of Medicine in 1985 and completed his surgery residency at LSU Health Shreveport and a fellowship in abdominal solid organ transplantation at Johns Hopkins University in 1993.

A member of numerous professional organizations, Dr. Zibari has received many prestigious awards during his career thus far. 

Dr. Zibari’s medical outreach work in Vietnam, Honduras, Nicaragua and Kurdistan has brought about change in medicine throughout the world. The most rewarding part of his job is giving patients another chance at life.

“I had a young boy from Nigeria once as a patient,” said Dr. Zibari. “He was 6 years old and was on dialysis with liver failure. He had 48 hours to live. There was a family right across the hall from him that lost a child to a car accident. That family chose to give their child’s liver to the boy across the hall so that the boy’s family wouldn’t have to go through the same pain of losing a child that they had. The boy received the liver, his kidney recovered, he woke up and, since then, he has graduated from Grambling University.”

It’s those cases that give Dr. Zibari fulfillment.

“There’s so much to be grateful for when you’re able to help human beings and better their lives,” said Dr. Zibari.

In his spare time, he enjoys staying active, photography and traveling to places like Oregon and Costa Rica. He also enjoys gardening.