Person of Interest: Chris Lyon
Title: Filmmaker, producer and editor

SB: You wear many “hats.” Give me the rundown of some of them.

I’m the owner and co-founder of Perennial Media, editor-in-chief of Heliopolis: Shreveport News and Culture, a founding member of Reform Shreveport and the artist liaison for Louisiana Prize Fest. I stay pretty busy.

SB: What is it about filmmaking that keeps your passion for it going?

I love the idea of transporting people. Storytelling is as old as the human race. I’m all about capturing a story. You can do that through any art form whether it’s painting, music, sculpture, etc. I chose film as my medium. The silver screen is my canvas. My M.O. is connecting people over important issues. A lot of my work is documentary work tackling national issues such as energy and immigration. The outcome of Rational Middle, a documentary I worked on with Gregory Kallenberg and several others, is my most proud moment. We’ve touched millions of people and are contributing to important conversations. Having a voice like that is my proudest accomplishment.

SB: You’ve been a huge part of the LA Film Prize from the beginning. What are the key ingredients it takes to win?

A great story that connects with people. A short film gives you very little time to delve into the story. You’ve got 5-15 minutes to change someone’s view. If someone can tell a compelling story that is completed in that amount of time, that’s the key. The genre doesn’t necessarily matter. Connection matters. Good filmmaking is what wins the Prize.

SB: We know you’re very outspoken about your love for downtown Shreveport. What will it take to get others more passionate about it?

I’ve actually shifted my feelings from downtown to the actual connection of people. The entire city of Shreveport has places where people can come together — Highland neighborhood for example. We need to recognize what young people want. They want connection and experience. Reform Shreveport is about taking control of your community. It’s our time now. Millennials have a voice now and we need to use it.

SB: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Filmmaking is how I make my living. All my other titles are what I do in my “spare time.” I love getting out into the city to see what we’ve got to offer. Anything culture-related interests me. I really try to practice what I preach and get out there to support our local businesses.