With our October issue themed all things home, we decided to chat with someone who knows all about creating the perfect pieces — Casey David, owner of The Headboard Studio Art & Upholstery.

Q: You own and operate The Headboard Studio Art & Upholstery. Tell me how your interest in creating custom pieces began.
A: Growing up I enjoyed ripping down my own furniture to figure out the puzzle of putting it all back together and making it unique and different from anything else out there. I used to redo my own furniture along with my friends’ stuff and somewhere along the way, other people started asking me to do it for them. I really enjoyed and still do enjoy making older pieces more modern with creative upholstery.

Q: What else do you offer through your business?
A: Along with headboards, I do custom art and paintings, creative upholstered furniture, and I do re-design consultations with potential clients on specific furniture pieces they already own.

Q: What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs trying to be successful in both art and business?
A: Stay humble and return favors. Do good work. Keep your word. Prepare for the long haul. It’s a bumpy road — owning your own business. But if you make it through the rocky parts, it’s worth it.

Q: How does it feel knowing your work is such a big part of your clients’ everyday lives? They see your work in their homes all day, every day.
A: It’s really special having people trust me with their furniture pieces, especially heirlooms. But art commission work has got to be the biggest compliment ever.

Q: Where can readers find you and your work?
A: Most of my completed work on my Instagram (@theheadboardstudioupholstery) is custom and commission work. The pieces already have owners but I love when potential clients call me at 318.550.6755 to set up a consultation appointment.